Friday, 5 October 2012

Crunchtober 2012 Day 5

These two characters are both employees of the Palace and are under strict ‘no fraternization’ rules. ADVANCE WARNING this is NSFW - but I am determined that you cannot write a novel about a brothel without including sex and I will need to practice that. Consider yourselves guinea pigs.

Write about a forbidden activity

He came upon her in an aft corner of the promenade deck. She was using the railing of the canopy support as a stretching device, one arm twined overhead, her back bowed, and her left-leg lifted high behind her as she pulled upon the ankle.

“You are Athena to me,” Javier said as he encircled her waist and breathed against the alabaster curve of her upraised arm.

Meg giggled nervously. “Jave, you mustn’t, someone could come along, and we would both be put out of our positions.” Her body betrayed her words as she leaned into him, allowing her leg to drop and curl around his thighs.

He shifted to press his rock-hard erection against the toned flesh of her backside. “Then we will find a place to be alone because I really must! I must kiss you. I must hold you. I must tease you to heaven with my tongue.” Javier punctuated each of these declarations with a physical demonstration of his intentions.

Meg flushed, as her heart raced ahead of her mind and her womb blossomed with heat. She was vaguely disturbed that the Spaniard could evoke such reactions, but lately she had taken to fantasizing about him when she took clients to her bed. Instead of Prince Georg’s fumbling and apologizing, she would imagine Javier’s determined tongue blazing a trail from her navel to her clit. Instead of Count Svengny’s careful and delicate entries she yearned for Javier’s impatience, his explosive need that was sure to match her own.

Conscious of the precariousness of her position, Meg’s better nature tried once again to exert some form of mastery over the situation. She stood, pulling slightly away from him. The cool air against her backside was shocking after his heat.

“Javier, please. We must respect our positions. The ship is Edinburgh bound, and you know that if we are found breaking the rules Master Graves would not hesitate to put us off as soon as we make the docks at Leith. We must resist the temptation.”

She took another step back, adjusting her shift, which his dexterous brown fingers had managed to slip open over her breasts. As the silken fabric moved across her painfully erect nipples they responded with a twinge that echoed deep in her belly. The Spaniard was trouble, no doubt about it.

“But my Goddess,” the ridiculously handsome porter said. “I shall die of lance poisoning. You cannot leave me in such a state.”

“Do not call me that. Off-duty I am just Meg.” In spite of her best intentions, Meg’s eyes were drawn to the front of his skin-tight breeches where the proof of his arousal stood beckoning. She forced her eyes to rise to his. “You know the Goddess name is just my working name.”

“I do not call you Athena because of your work,” he said stepping closer once again. “I name you so because you have hunted my heart and I am helpless against your charms. For those other men, you play the Goddess – for me you embody her.”

This last said in a low growl against her neck that effectively destroyed Meg’s feeble defenses. God help her, but she wanted this man! “All right!” she whispered fiercely, “We can meet, but not here, not in the open. We must find a place that no one knows about.”

Javier’s smile could have blinded the sun. “Leave it to me, my love. I will prepare a place where we can quench our thirst for each other at last!” He turned with military precision and strode down the promenade, a man with a mission.


  1. I'm a little jealous you can write like that, to be honest!

    I thought it was good! It drew me in and it didn't have any of the annoying things about smut that bother me. Your descriptions weren't graphic or overdone. I liked this one especially: "her mind and her womb blossomed with heat".

    (I'm not sure how much of a help I'd be for judging the caliber of this kind of material, though - fair warning!)

    1. I should also add that when I DO read smut I love the stuff that focuses on the romance of it - which you did well here!

  2. Cheers, Jessie! My Wyoming conservatism takes over when I try and write sex and I end up all blushes! Something I'll need to conquer if I want to write life in a bordello!

  3. Oh myyy! I'm not going to lie, Javier totally screams 'cheesy telenovela' and it made me laugh! Other than that, the scene was good. Like Jessi said, it drew me in and didn't leave me with any annoyances. I also liked that you actually used the right words for the body part. No 'throbbing member' here! :P