Monday, 22 October 2012

Crunchtober 2012 Day 21

Cont from yesterday...

In a state of disarray

Connor knelt over Stella and drank in her naked form. The intoxication of it had a far greater effect on him than the whiskey. She reached up to undo the buttons on his fly. Her knuckles brushed over his erection, and he quivered at the touch.

“It has, um, been a while love,” he said, a note of pleading in his voice.

“Well let’s get the preliminaries out of the way shall we? Then we can both relax.” She sat up on the furs and pulled his trousers over his hips and down his thighs. The tiny buttons on his trotters provided no barrier to her nimble fingers, and his erection sprang free of confinement, rigid and trembling.

Stella leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Her tongue made circles over the tip of his cock, sending fresh waves of pleasure shooting up his spine with every pass. Her attentions drove all conscious thought from his mind and he was reduced to a being of pure sensation.

The ends of her hair brushed against the fronts of his thighs, tickling his skin and causing the coarse black hair on his legs to stand to attention. He reached for something to hold on to, and she raised her hand to intertwine with his, palm to palm. Her other hand stroked the base of his shaft and between the rhythm of her ministrations and the darting of her tongue it was not long before he found release.

As his shudders began to subside, she pulled her mouth away and gave him a wicked smile before guiding him to a reclining position beside her on the bed of furs. For a brief moment, Connor thought that this would be it. The edge had been taken off his lust, and he could simply rise, gather the shreds of his dignity, and quietly leave the room. Stella, however, had other ideas.

She rose to straddle his hips, her spine to his face, and proceeded to lean forward to tug his trousers off. As she leaned, her ass rose just a bit, and the cheeks separated so that he could see her glistening sex. He suspected that trousers were not that difficult to remove, but she took her time at it, being sure he had long minutes to stare at her offering. His cock responded by stiffening under her thighs, and she ground her pelvis into him to let him know she noticed.

When his feet and legs were at last free of the encumbrance of clothing, she pivoted on his hips to face him, deftly slipping his newly aroused manhood inside her silky passage. Connor sighed with the overwhelming eroticism. He thrust his hips to meet her, reveling in the magic of a purely biological nature.

Seeing Stella’s breasts unclothed for the first time, peeking out from behind the curtain of her hair gave him the desire to taste them. He wrapped his hands on her hips and held her in place as he moved to the edge of the platform where he could sit up and take her nipples into his mouth.

To be cont…


  1. I apologize in advance that I can't offer decent comments or criticism on sex scenes but so far I think you're doing a fine job! There was one part where I got the idea they were in one position and then it seemed like they were in a different one that didn't really work how I thought (embarrassing as THAT is to say!). I guess, if he was kneeling, how was she able to get his pants off? Or was he laying down? Things like that. Otherwise... reading on!

  2. Nice scene! I like how Stella doesn't even worry about it, she's all 'yeah whatever, let's just have fun!'. As for the sex, I don't think it was too much or too little - I think you've found a good balance between sensation and emotion.