Monday, 13 October 2014

Crunchtober 2014 Day 6

It wasn't Love Exactly

After the incident with Daphne, Apollo spent weeks going from tavern to tavern with the goal of remaining as drunk as possible. Sobriety was not his friend. In the mornings he would wake up with a pounding headache, an unknown wench lying naked beside him. The only cure was more wine.
On one such night Apollo sulked in the back of the tavern enjoying what could quite possibly be his 10th bottle of wine.

“Well don’t you look like a Cerebus’ ass.”

Apollo looked up at his visitor. It was true, his weeks of drinking were taking a toll on him. His hair was matted, his eyes were blood shot, there was a smear of what appeared to be sauce on his cheek. He took in his visitor.

“Eros. Always the wimpering mama’s boy. Tell me how is life in your mother’s skirts?” He looked Eros in the eyes “Though, I know there are other parts of her body I much prefer, as does-“

“Enough.” Eros sat down across the table from Apollo. “I came here to discuss the little lesson you have recently learned.”

“First of all, I did not say you could sit down. You’re ruining my reputation.” He hiccupped. “And secondly, what lesson? I apparently never learn. I am the biggest fool on Olympus.” He looked into his glass. “Oh look, it’s empty. What a shame.” He poured himself more wine.

“Apollo, remember when you and your cronies laughed at me and my talent in archery?”

Apollo swayed a little in his seat and giggled. “Archer of love. Ha! A real man uses his bows for hunting.” He laughed into his cup “Pew, pew. Oh so ferocious.”

“But my arrows can do damage, as you well have seen, have you not?”

Apollo straightened up and looked at him. “What are you talking about?”

Eros smiled. “Oh you know very well. You see I knew of this pretty little thing, I believe her name was Denise. No, no that’s not right, Deloris, Doris…I know it started with a D.”

“Daphne. Her name was Daphne.”

“That’s right. Daphne. Pretty name is it not? Anyway I just had to make sure you two were in the right place in the right time and as you so put it…pew pew.”

Apollo slammed his cup on the table. “You…”

“She had a vow of virginity. Did she not?”

“You no good…son of a bitch…when I get my hands on you I swear…I’m going to…”

Eros stood. “You are going to do no such thing.  You are nothing more than a spineless, slobbering drunk. For all your boasting about bravery and manliness, you’re nothing but a coward hiding behind your fathers skirts.”

The two men stared at each other. “Come find me when you grow a pair.”  Eros said before he got up and walked away. Leaving Apollo with his wine.

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