Saturday, 11 October 2014

Crunchtober 2014 Day 1

A Blustery Morning

The mid October winds were strong. He could barely keep his hat on his head.  He only ventured to Edinburgh once a month or so, just to check in on her. He wasn’t really needed. It was a blessing and a curse.

He hated being away from her but he couldn’t stand to see her so happy. She was married. The once virgin goddess was married to a banker. A nice chap really. He worked hard and treated her like, well, a goddess. They had two children. Catherine and David, Jr. As well as a lovely home, a nanny, a cottage in the country everything he would want if he were a normal person. He hated David. He had his life.

It’s not to say that Aaron’s life was so bad. His current home was in London. He spent his time apprenticing to a barrister. He had friends, attended social events, took pretty girls to the theater (he always found it funny that a vow of bachelorhood would make a woman want him all the more).
Once a month though he made the trip to Edinburgh to do business at the bank that David worked at. Tradition dictated that after business occurred he would take David to the pub to catch up with each other, having conveniently been mates at the University of Edinburgh. They would each have a pint and talk about where their lives had led them. David’s wife insisting on redecorating the whole house for the 3rd time. Or did he know that David Jr. had taken an interest in banking just like his old man? Aaron wondered how long he would be able to keep up the fake smile this time. The record so far was 4 hours.

His mind was caught up with his dread when he turned the corner to the bank. He didn’t notice the gust of wind that blew off his hat and at the feet of the pretty girl in the burgundy dress….Artemis.
She picked up the hat and looked at it quizzically. She looked around trying to see where it came from, even though he stood right before her she couldn’t see him. His heart sank. He still held out hope that one day she would be the one seeking him out. That she would wake up and he would be the first name on her lips. That, perhaps, he could have a life like this with her.

She walked past him and looked around the corner in search of the owner of the top hat. It was pointless for him to call out to her. Not only could she not see him, she couldn’t hear him either. He would look like a mad man yelling on the street corner.

Having come to the conclusion that the owner of the hat was nowhere in sight she gingerly set it down on the steps of the candle shop. “I hope you find your home soon.” She said with a smile as she set it down and walked away.

Aaron sighed “I hope I do too.” He picked up his hat and continued on his journey to the bank.

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